I started researching the phenomenon of plastics in 2012 after watching the Story of Stuff and having the epiphany that single-use plastics haven’t always been ubiquitous. This peaked my curiosity and generated more questions I just couldn’t let go of…

How the heck did we get here?

What’s the world going to be like if we continue on this trajectory?

How will all this exposure to plastic affect my health?

I found it hard to find real answers. The information around these topics is often…

  • Fragmented – In many cases I’ve had to go to many different sources to piece together a complete answer.
  • Case-by-case specific – I often find high-level answers for questions about plastics, but not specific answers that apply to my life.
  • Misleading – As you would expect, I’ve found too much greenwashing and opinions, and not enough objective information.

I figured other people like me probably have the same questions and I might as well save them some time by publishing my notes.

After a few of my articles gained popularity I realized I might actually be able to help people and help the environment and hopefully pay for the hosting costs of my website. That’s why, on top of answering obscure questions about plastics, I have also started to make product comparisons.

All products are from third party companies and I don’t accept any payments, gifts, etc. from companies or promote any products. I simply publish my analysis and add in affiliate links where applicable so that if a reader does decide to buy I get a little kickback.

Please note that I am a minimalist and environmentalist… which means I commend you for only buying what you absolutely need. While buying something that helps you reduce your footprint is a good move, a better move is to decrease your overall consumption.

If you appreciate my work, you can send me a thank you note, follow me on Facebook or Twitter (now called X?), or help someone else by sharing some of the info here with them.

David Evans has a degree in Environmental Studies from UCLA and has worked for the USFWS, CAFW, and various environmental companies.