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Is exposure to plastic bad for my health?

The best information available suggests that exposure to some types of plastics can have serious health implications. The severity of risk depends on the type and amount of chemicals you’re exposed to and how your body responds.

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How is plastic affecting climate change?

Plastic is a significant contributor to climate change because of the sheer volume of plastic produced around the world. Plastic is made from fossil fuels which means that as it is produced and disposed of, it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

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How can I help reduce plastic pollution?

Plastic production has increased 20x over the last 50 years, primarily due to demand. While there are many things we can do to reduce plastic pollution, the best place to start is by reducing our own use of plastics – particularly single-use plastics.

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What harmful chemicals are commonly found in plastic products?

There are a variety of chemicals found in plastic consumer products that are known and/or suspected to be harmful. The most common chemical groups associated with negative health implications include:

Are reusable bags really better for the environment?

This depends on the material a reusable bag is made from and how many times it is used before being disposed of. For example, paper bags have a much lower carbon footprint than cotton bags. While you may only need to reuse a paper bag 4 times before it’s better than a disposable plastic bag, you’ll need to reuse a cotton bag over 170 times.

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