Map: Chemicals Associated with Plastic Packaging

What chemicals in plastic packaging are hazardous to human health?

63 known chemicals associated with plastic packaging are currently classified as “most hazardous” by the United Nations’ GHS (Global Harmonized System). In addition there are many more that are classified at lower levels and a considerable amount that are not yet classified.

Explore this map to see what chemicals are associated with plastic packaging and how they have been classified for their impact on human health.

Chemicals Associated with Plastic Packaging

The maps below organize chemicals by function and chemical group. They are color-coded to represent their current classification (as of 2019). The first map illustrates their health classification. The second map illustrates their environmental classification.

Health Hazard Classification

Environmental Hazard Classification

Data Source

The chemicals and their corresponding health / environmental hazard classifications illustrated in this map come from the CPPdb (Chemicals Associated with Plastic Packaging database). The CPPdb was compiled in 2019 and draws from classifications of chemicals by the EU, UN, and other sources.

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