Cleaning Our Beaches and Waterways

Are you tired of seeing trash on the beach and other natural spaces?

If you’re already supporting the cause and you’re reducing your own plastic consumption, the next best thing you can do is actively clean up.

If you’ve read our previous posts then you’re already on board with our revolution to stop all plastic pollution and restore the greatness of our oceans. If not, we recommend you start here: Solving The Plastic Problem

In this post we’ll show you how you can help the final phase of our collective efforts to restore our oceans: The Cleanup

You’ve probably considered joining a cleaning before or even doing it on your own. But if you’re anything like us, you might have some reservations, such as…

  • I don’t have time
  • It’s ineffective because more always washes up on our beaches or our waterways
  • It’s below me… this is a job for people in orange jumpsuits
  • What’s in it for me?

Your reservations aren’t necessarily wrong… but they also shouldn’t be limiting you from contributing to the solution.

The fact is – we love clean beaches and oceans. Imagine a beach trip from when you were a kid. Sand castles on a seemingly enormous beach, wildlife you never knew existed, the pure smell of fresh ocean air.

How about now? Watch out for broken glass, find a patch of beach with less litter, and leave with a bad taste in your mouth.

You show up expecting the experience you had when you were younger and leave with the shock of reality and lingering disappointment. It’s not the same, but it doesn’t have to remain that way.

Let’s restore the beaches we deserve. Let’s enjoy the sights of nature on our beaches. Let’s enjoy the natural smell. Let’s give our children the same experiences we had as kids.

If you share our belief that we can restore the greatness of our natural spaces, then join the rest of us.

Three main ways to help with the cleanup that anyone can do:

You’re probably thinking – and you may be right – that picking up trash is not the best use of your time. There’s no doubt that it will be beneficial for the natural area you’re restoring, but there have got to be more effective ways you can contribute to the clean up. Right?

There are. 

You should ask yourself, “If I can allocate one hour of my time each week to cleaning up a beach or other area, how can I get the most impact for my time?”

Here are some possible answers:

1) Do it on your own

  • Go out and pick up trash
  • One piece per visit. This is something I like to do. Every time I finish surfing I pick up trash on my way back in.

2) Multiply your efforts

Use your unique skill or leverage to help an organization be more effective.

  • Recruit others to help
  • Give a cleanup organization something they need in order to be more effective. If you can make their organization stronger they’ll be able to do better work, which means more refuse recovered and one step closer to our goals.
    • If you’re an artist – help them with their logo or marketing materials
    • If you’re a social media pro – consult with them on their SM strategy
    • If you’re a chef – provide lunch for one of their events

3) Sponsor others

  • If you don’t have time but you do have money, donate to someone who has time and is dedicated. They will put your money to good use. If you’re going to take this route, I recommend talking to someone before you donate. Know how your money will be spent. Invest in a local group if you can and get a receipt. There is no shortage of people out there ready to take your money. If you want to have an impact, be selective about who you invest in.


If you’re taking action on any of these points, we want to say, “Thank you!”

You’ve just joined an international coalition of folks working toward the future we believe in. A future where:

  • we can enjoy our beaches and natural areas to their fullest
  • communities that sustain our natural areas
  • experiences we can share with our children

Want to keep learning? Here are a few other ways you can make a difference:

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  3. Share The Wealth

Who are we? We are two surfers with a mission to reduce plastic pollution and restore the greatness of our oceans. Single use plastics are our first target, but we won’t stop there.