You’re not alone…

Reducing your personal food waste will have a BIG impact over time and I applaud your efforts to do your part. If you want to take it a step further you can support the movements that are working to reduce food waste on a larger scale.

Here are a few ways to join in:

Get Social

#DemandUgly – call out businesses like supermarkets that dump their unsold food instead of donating it.

#DemandUgly – because “unacceptable” aesthetics in produce is ridiculous.

Sign A Petition

Stop the Rot – this petition on is for the UK, but anyone can sign.

#StopFoodWaste – another petition on specific to America. – here are all of the food waste related petitions on

Reach Out

If you notice food waste on a corporate level let em know. You can comment on their FB page, leave a yelp review, email customer service, or even talk to to someone in person… Think about this like the petitions. One signature might not make a difference, but if 200 people demand change it will be hard to ignore.

Your Action Item

After you’ve dominated food waste at home, take it one step further to show the big dogs we’re going to hold them accountable too.


Stay informed, stay active:

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Your source for digital petitions that are influencing progress.


A great resource for food waste education and news.

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