This is half way folks!

How have your habits changed?

14 days ago we set out to develop eco friendly habits. Now it’s time for an inspirational half time speech…

Jk. If we don’t change now, the world we know today won’t exist within our lifetime. Do you need more inspiration than that?

So… let’s keep learning. Habit #15 is intended to help us stay on track and improve all of the previous habits we’ve learned. Because if we don’t put what we’ve learned to use, what good is it?

We’ll be following the age old formula: Review what’s working and what isn’t working, then use that information to make necessary adjustments and move forward.

What We’ve Learned

How is this going so far? What’s working and what’s not?

Read through this list and look back on the last two weeks to see if there’s anything you’ve missed.

#1 Do What You Can – We have achieved the right mindset and set reasonable goals ourselves. We are working on changing our habits so we will be more eco-friendly on a daily basis without even having to think about it.

#2 Reducing Your Consumption – We learned to question products before we buy them. It’s better to own few things of high value rather than many things of low value.

#3 Consume Smarter – We have chosen one aspect of our shopping that we can improve and we’re focusing on reducing our environmental impact in that area.

#4 Know Your Eco Labels – We can now identify the most common eco labels and we know to look for them when shopping.

#5 Wise Up to Greenwashing – We can now spot greenwashing and we have the resources to investigate deeper when necessary.

#6 Eat Sustainable Seafood – We have two new ways to make more sustainable seafood decisions.

#7 Drink Responsibly – We’ve embraced our local breweries.

#8 Say No to Swag – We now know why promotional products are bad and we know how to identify them so we can deny them.

#9 Spend Your Attention Wisely – We’ve opened our eyes to the idea that where we spend our time (and attention) is just as important as where we spend our money.

#10 Invest In You – We learned how to learn… about what matters to us, on a regular basis.

#11 Reduce Your Food Waste – We are now shopping smarter, buying what we need and eliminating the excess.

#12  🍕 + ⌚️+💸 – We are utilizing our fridge and freezer better, so less food gets thrown out.

#13 Support The Cause – We are supporting movements to solve food waste issues at a larger scale.

#14 The Meat Feat – We have assessed our relationship with meat and decided to improve it. No matter how small, any reduction makes a big difference.

Moving Forward

In the next 15 habits we are going to shift our focus from consumption to use and post use. In the next two weeks we’ll learn about how to improve the way we use and dispose of stuff so we can continue to shrink our eco footprint.

Your Action Items

  1. Review the last two weeks. What has been helpful and what hasn’t?
  2. If you’ve forgotten about a particular habit, go back and refresh yourself. See if you can find out why it didn’t stick, then…
  3. Provide feedback on your experience thus far so I can improve this course. 🙂 (Thank you!)


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