The forgotten r…

You’re already reducing, reusing, recycling, and even repurposing… but are you ready to refill?

Personal Care & Household Products

It’s pretty ridiculous that we buy a new plastic bottle every time we run out of shampoo, shower gel, lotion, handsoap, and countless other personal care / household products.

You can go the minimalist route and stick to the basics, like a bar of soap or Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1, which will make your life much simpler. Or, you can find a soap refill center so you don’t have to buy new plastic bottles every time you re-up.

Refill centers were born to reduce our environmental impact so you can rest assured that you are supporting a good cause and you’ll also be choosing from options that are generally healthier and less processed.


Instead of buying pre-packaged foods, consider going to a store like Whole Foods or a farmer’s market where you can buy essentials like grains, sugar, flour, and snacks in bulk. You can either reuse the bags provided, or take your own reusable container – but do note that bulk items are sold by weight so try to keep your container light.

Your Action Item

Get in the habit of refilling instead of buying new containers every time you need something.


Keep it topped up:

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Dr. Bronner’s 

If you haven’t already, check this soap out. You can use it for just about anything and the company that makes it is exceptionally responsible.

Common Good

If you’re in the US you can locate a Common Good soap refill station near you to get refills on plant-based cleaning solutions.

A few locations

Try searching the Google for “soap dispensary” or “soap refill” to find a location near you. Here are a few examples:

BlueDot Refill – San Diego, California

Green 11 – Noe Valley and San Mateo, California

Refill Madness – Sacramento, California

The Soap Dispensary – Vancouver

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