Here are the top brands to check out if you’re considering replacing plastic with glass or ceramic containers for food storage.

Glass vs Ceramic: What’s better for the environment?

Short Answer: These two materials don’t differ much when it comes to environmental impact. Glass is recyclable while ceramic is not.

More Detail: The primary difference between glass and ceramic lies in their manufacturing processes, durability, and end-of-life recyclability.

Glass bowls are made from materials like sand and soda ash, melted at high temperatures, and are highly recyclable, allowing for repeated reuse without loss of quality, thereby reducing their environmental impact. On the other hand, ceramics are produced from natural clay and minerals, requiring energy-intensive kiln firing, and are generally not recyclable due to their unique composition and processing requirements.

While both materials have environmental impacts in production, glass’s recyclability gives it an edge in sustainability, but only if the glass is actually recycled.


Pyrex: Simple – Affordable – Trusted

Pyrex has their Simply Store and Freshlock options. I’ve found that the Simply Store tops can get warped over time making it harder to get a good seal. This can reduce freshness of food and makes freezing less effective. The Freshlock-type containers are airtight and all-around more preferable in my opinion. The only downside is that the joints of the lids tend to break after a few years of use, especially if you’re freezing, defrosting, and dishwashing.

Bayco – Glassware with Compartments

Bayco sells glass food storage containers with compartments which is particularly nice for meal prep. It’s also great if you have small amounts of leftovers that you don’t want to waste but feel a little sheepish placing in 3-4 separate containers.

Other Brands – Small Variations – Same Functionality

Other small variations include bamboo tops, silicone casing for protection, and ceramic-coated glass. All of these are great alternatives to plastic. Our only advice is to find one that fits your particular needs and taste. The difference in environmental impact between most glass storage containers is negligible.


There are fewer brands that sell ceramic food storage, but more stylish options to choose from.

Adewnest – Highest rated brand, but just by a hair.

Chubacoo – Trending as Amazon’s Choice (Jan 2024).

Kook – Highest price for set of 4.

Since there isn’t much of an environmental difference between glass and ceramic, either one that helps you reduce single-use plastic use will be a good decision.