We Each Do What We Can

How do we save the world?

One step at a time.

One trip to the recycling bin.

One bike ride.

One global treaty.

One tech innovation.

One less piece of plastic in the ocean.

One step at a time, we each do what we can to save the world.

As soon as we become conscious of our actions and understand that we do have the ability to make an impact, we take our first step in the right direction.

We each follow our own path and walk at our own pace. We do what we can and what we believe is right, and we continue to learn along the way.

Most don’t realize it, but everything we do has an impact. A cappuccino bought in San Francisco influences coffee trade in Central America, an extra minute in the shower each morning impacts the ecology of a wetland hundreds of miles away, a signature on a petition influences the actions of a billion dollar corporation.

While it’s difficult to see the influence we have on a day to day basis, we know it all adds up and it’s amazing what we can accomplish together.

  • In July 2015 San Diegans cut water usage by over 30% in response to the prolonged drought. That’s the lowest usage has been in SD since 1975
  • Toms has given over 50 million pairs of shoes away to children in need since it started 7 years ago. Each pair was paid for by Toms customers. 
  • Last month Mars Inc. agreed to remove artificial dyes from M&Ms after receiving an online petition signed by over 200,000 people. 


We are on our way to a better world.

The amazing thing is, we don’t need to make giant sacrifices in our lives to have a tremendous impact on others. We can actually improve our lifestyle and feel better about ourselves all while doing good for others and the environment. One step at a time, we do what we can.

If you’d like to take your first step or pick up the pace, you’re in the right place.

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