6 Best Reusable Nylon and Polyester Shopping Bags

A Complete Guide to Sustainable Reusable Bags Made From Synthetic Fibers

Ready to make the switch from single-use plastic shopping bags? We’ve got you covered. Reusable nylon and polyester shopping bags are some of the most popular and reliable options when it comes to reducing your environmental footprint – not only do they look great, but they come in a range of sizes so you can keep them handy for any errand. In this post, we round up 6 of our favorite nylon and polyester bags on the market today so all eco-conscious customers can find one that suits their needs and lifestyle perfectly.

Keep reading to learn how we made our choices, or jump straight to our product recommendations.

Background Information: How to Find the Best Reusable Grocery Bags for You

nylon and polyester reusable bags

How We Picked the Best Sustainable Nylon and Polyester Bags

Synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester are derived from plastic. However, using reusable bags made of synthetic fibers can be more eco-friendly than using single-use plastic bags when they are made from recycled materials and used as many times as possible. 

We’ve scoured the market to find the best reusable bags made from synthetic fabrics. All our picks are sustainable, ethical, and high-quality. Here are the criteria we used to determine the best nylon and polyester reusable bags.


One of the most critical qualities of a good reusable bag is that it can carry everything you need it to. The bags we’ve chosen are large enough for most grocery trips, but not so big that they’re inconvenient.


To ensure that these bags are as eco-friendly as possible, we chose bags that are made from recycled synthetic fibers instead of bags made from virgin plastic (synthetic) materials. This helps reduce the amount of carbon emissions from production. Materials include:

  • Recycled PET or Polyester
  • Recycled Nylon

Keep in mind that even recycled synthetic fiber bags are still constructed of non-biodegradable materials and still emit carbon to produce. In order to offset the environmental costs of each bag’s production, you’ll need to reuse the bag around 35 times

Read more about these materials and their benefits and drawbacks: What Are Reusable Bags Made Of?

Quality & Durability

The more durable a bag is, the longer its lifespan, making it more sustainable because you won’t have to replace it as frequently. Of course, durability is also great for those extra-large grocery trips. We validated the quality and durability of each of these bags to ensure that our top picks do not break easily or decrease in quality over time.

Manufacturer’s Ethical & Sustainable Practices

We also evaluated each manufacturer’s ethical practices and other sustainability efforts. We researched whether they provide a safe and ethical workplace, as well as fair wages, and if they participate in programs that directly benefit the environment.

Reusable Bags Made of Nylon and Polyester: Our Top Picks

Today, only 8 states in the United States have banned single-use plastic bags: California, Delaware, Connecticut, Maine, Hawaii, Oregon, New York, and Vermont. While many grocery stores in other states continue to use single-use plastic bags, you can still reduce your own plastic footprint by bringing a reusable bag with you. Here are our selections for the best sustainable reusable bags made of synthetic fibers.

Best Polyester Reusable Bags

Best Nylon Reusable Bags

Our Top Rankings

Best Polyester Reusable Bags

1. Glob – Primary Morph Ripstop

glob primary morph ripstop - nylon reusable bags
Source: Facebook/Glob
  • Manufacturing Company: Glob
  • Amazon Star Rating: N/A 
  • Current Price: $36
  • Materials: 100% recycled polyester ripstop
  • Dimension: 13″ H x 11 1/2″ W x 18″ L
  • Get This Bag: Glob

Glob’s reusable tote bag is made of recycled polyester ripstop made from plastic bottles. Each of these bags stops 10 plastic bottles from entering landfills or the ocean. 

This bag is water resistant and extremely lightweight, yet also durable. But the most impressive feature of this reusable polyester tote bag is its ability to transform from a small folded pouch to a spacious tote bag with 6 outer bottle compartments. Its size and multiple compartments make this bag ideal for storing various grocery items inside and out in a very organized way. It also features a zipped inside pocket to keep your phone, wallet, or credit cards safe and secure. There are two pairs of straps attached to this reusable bag: one is long for shoulder carrying and one is short if you prefer to carry the bag by hand. 

Glob’s sustainability efforts extend beyond recycling plastic water bottles to produce reusable bags. Every month, the company donates 1% of its sales to CoalitionWILD, an organization that provides resources to youth to learn how to drive positive environmental change. 

This bag is available in Glowstick (neon green), Puff (purple), Dune (light brown), Slice (orange), Hyperlink (blue), Void (black), Bubble (pink).

Downsides: The only downside is that this bag is more expensive than a conventional polyester tote. But conventional bags aren’t made from 10 plastic bottles!

2. Patagonia – Black Hole® Tote 25L

patagonia black hole tote 25L - polyester reusable bags
Source: shopperboard
  • Manufacturing Company: Patagonia
  • Amazon Star Rating: 4.9
  • Current Price: $129.90
  • Materials: 100% recycled polyester ripstop
  • Dimension: 13.89″ H x 17.2″ W 
  • Get This Bag: Amazon

Patagonia’s reusable tote bag is made of 100% recycled polyester ripstop and is Fair-Trade certified. The Black Hole Tote is sturdy and durable and is even completely waterproof, making it perfect for grocery shopping in any weather conditions. We’ve also noticed that the polyester ripstop on this bag is thicker than other polyester reusable bags, helping the bag last longer even with frequent use. It also contains interior stash pockets to keep your smaller things safe. 

Patagonia has pledged 1% of its sales to preservation and restoration of the natural environment through its “1% for the Planet” environmental initiative. They’ve also built robust environmental and animal welfare programs that all their production adheres to. Patagonia earned a “Good” rating on the good on you directory for their sourcing of eco-friendly materials and maintaining an ethical and transparent supply chain.

This bag is available in blue, black, and maroon.

Downsides: This bag is fairly expensive compared to the other polyester reusable tote bags on our list. 

You can also get this bag on Patagonia’s website.

3. ChicoBag – VITA rePETe Tote Bag

  • Manufacturing Company: ChicoBag
  • Amazon Star Rating: 4.5
  • Current Price: $14.50
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Dimension: 12.5″ H x 19″ W 
  • Get This Bag: Amazon

ChicoBag’s VITA rePETe reusable tote bag is one of the most eco friendly bags among our top recommendations. The fabric of the bag is 100% polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, and the carabiner attached to the bag is 78% recycled aluminum. Moreover, the company has invested in programs that offset the carbon released from the production of their bags, making their bags entirely carbon-neutral.

This reusable polyester bag has a simple and modern design. When not in use, it can be stored as a compact bag sealed with a cord lock. When you need the bag, simply unfold it, and you have a large durable bag that’s strong enough to hold up to 40 pounds of groceries. It also contains an internal compartment to keep your smaller items safe inside the bag.

In addition to their sustainable business practices, ChicoBag is also B Corp certified, which means they meet high standards of ethical responsibility in all areas of their business. Furthermore, the company is also a member of the 1% for the Planet organization, which donates 1% of the company’s profit to support various environmental nonprofits and organizations.

This bag is available in Serenity (violet), Zen (green), and Clarity (light blue).

Downsides: We’ve noticed that since this bag doesn’t have a flat bottom, you may want to avoid putting bottles with leaky lids inside to avoid the risk of spillage. 

You can also find this bag on the ChicoBag website.

4. Envirosax – Reusable Grocery Bag

envirosax - polyester reusable bags
Source: Pinkoi
  • Manufacturing Company: Envirosax
  • Amazon Star Rating: 4.8
  • Current Price: $14.95
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Dimension: 16. 5″ H x 19. 5″ W
  • Get This Bag: Amazon 

Envirosax’s reusable grocery bag is made of 100% recycled polyester fabric. According to Envirosax,  recycled polyester requires 59% less energy to produce and produces 32% less emissions compared to conventional polyester.

We’ve noticed that this bag is lighter than our other top recommendations, yet it can still hold up to 44 pounds of goods. When not in use, you can simply roll this bag and store it in your purse or backpack. One thing that separates this bag from the others is also the variety of artistic designs printed using non-toxic, eco-friendly dye. If you’re an artsy person or like a little flare in your outfit, this brand might be the best for you! You can check out Envirosax’s wide variety of design options on Amazon or their website

Downsides: We’ve discovered that when washed repeatedly or in a washing machine, the print may fade over time. 

You can also find this bag on the Envirosax website.

Best Nylon Reusable Bags

5. Big Baggu

  • Manufacturing Company: Baggu
  • Amazon Star Rating: 4.8
  • Current Price: $18
  • Materials: Nylon
  • Dimension: 33″ H x 18″ W
  • Get This Bag: Amazon

The Big Baggu reusable tote bag is constructed of 100% recycled ripstop nylon. At 33 inches tall and 18 inches wide, this reusable bag is one of the most spacious bags on our top picks, making it ideal for bulk shopping. It is also durable and strong enough to carry up to 50 pounds of goods. When not in use, this bag can also be folded into a pouch that can even fit in your pockets. 

Baggu is committed to reducing waste in production, which is why, in addition to producing items made entirely of recycled materials, the company has also discarded plastic packaging in favor of FSC-certified 100% recycled paper stock with non-plastic recyclable coatings. Baggu also received a “Good” rating for sustainability on the good on you directory.

This bag is available in a variety of colors and patterns. You can check out the design options and availability on Amazon or their website

Downsides: We noticed that this reusable bag lacks an internal pocket, which can be an important feature for keeping your vital items safe. This bag may also be excessively large for a smaller person; if you have a small frame, it can easily slip off your shoulder.

You can also find this bag on the Baggu website.

6. Bedi – Mile-End Tote

  • Manufacturing Company: Bedi
  • Amazon Star Rating: N/A
  • Current Price: $157
  • Materials: Nylon
  • Dimension: 15″ H x 13″ W
  • Get This Bag: Bedi

Bedi’s Mile-End reusable tote bag is made of 100% dead-stock nylon and upcycled belt webbing from cars. These dead-stock materials are repurposed from leftover items that are no longer in use, making them quite sustainable since they directly help reduce automotive waste. 

This reusable bag is made to last. The nylon fabric is thicker and has more layers than typical reusable tote bags, and the straps are repurposed belt webbings, making it extremely sturdy. This is a perfect go-to bag for more than just grocery trips! The Bedi bag has an interior pocket for keeping your smaller items more organized and a D ring for clipping your keys. Another unique feature of this reusable bag is its reversible design, which allows you to turn the bag inside out and get a new look with the pocket and D ring on the exterior.

Bedi believes that one day, everything new will come from something old. This is why the company focuses on building a circular economy by producing products from plastic waste beyond plastic bottles. The company also established a “Second Life Program,” in which you may exchange a Bedi item you’re done with in exchange for a 25% credit on a new product. Used Second Life items are sold to new customers, helping reduce the need for production of new items. This bag is available in quilted black and navy.

Downsides: We’ve noticed that this bag is not as spacious as the other bags on our list. It is also quite expensive when compared to the other reusable bags in our selection.

Our Top Recommendation Rankings

Most Functional Reusable Bag: Glob – Primary Morph Ripstop

We chose Glob’s Primary Morph Ripstop tote bag as the most functional synthetic fiber reusable bag due to its ability to transform from a small packable pouch, making it easy to carry it around, to a very spacious grocery bag with six bottle exterior compartments. Its zippered interior pocket can be used to store a small wallet, cards, cash, receipts, and more. This not only allows you to carry more products but also makes your grocery trips more organized.

Most Spacious Reusable Bag: Big Baggu

We chose Big Baggu as the most spacious reusable bag due to its larger-than-average dimensions. At 33″ in height and 18″ in width, this bag is perfect if you’re getting a lot of groceries. 

Most Eco-Friendly Reusable Bag: ChicoBag – VITA rePETe Tote Bag

Based on our research, it is clear that ChicoBag’s VITA rePETe tote bag wins our most eco-friendly synthetic fiber reusable bag ranking. ChicoBag is the only carbon-neutral company in our top picks, and ensures all materials contribute to a circular production process.

Most Affordable Reusable Bag: ChicoBag – VITA rePETe Tote Bag and Envirosax – Reusable Grocery Bag

We chose the ChicoBag VITA rePETe and Envirosax reusable tote bags as the most affordable synthetic fiber reusable bags on our list due to their lower prices compared to our other top picks.

Most Artsy Reusable Bag: Envirosax – Reusable Grocery Bag

Envirosax reusable grocery bag wins our most artsy synthetic fiber reusable bag ranking due to its wide range of fashionable and artistic pattern selections.

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