A game changer…

Through some creative filmwork and the help of the same hip hop artist who made thrift shopping cool, Columbia is hoping to keep the attention of outdoor enthusiasts for a whole 1:41.

Competing for a minute and half of peoples attention isn’t easy these days. Not to mention, the message is educational and about PFCs. (PFCs?)

But it works…

Columbia’s OutDry Extreme Eco Jacket is the first high-performance, environmentally friendly, breathable, waterproof jacket made without the use of a common synthetic additive known as perfluorinated compounds (PFCs).

What’s bad about PFCs?

PFCs are man-made chemicals that persist in the natural environment. They bioaccumulate in wildlife and humans, and have found to be toxic to laboratory animals – producing reproductive, developmental, and systemic effects.

This is kind of a big deal…

Prior to this, the industry standard for waterproof gear required the use of chemicals. Not anymore. This technology can be applied to fabrics used for tents, pack covers, and anything else used to keep stuff dry; and I expect other companies to follow suit.

Plus, Columbia’s new jacket is made entirely from recycled plastics – about 21 per jacket.

In a time when we are bracing for the environmental repercussions of a climate denying presidency, it’s encouraging to see a company in the private sector step up and claim responsibility without government mandates. Furthermore, Columbia’s investment in marketing to educate consumers about environmental issues marks an important connection between environmental responsibility and economic prosperity.

If this jacket is a success with consumers, it may turn out to be a big turning point in the outdoor industry.


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